Personal Achievements

My greatest achievement in life has been standing by my soul-mate, Warren.

Many years ago I was at the crossroads in my life, having to decide whether to cut my ties with Warren or to stand by him. In making my decision, I trusted the road of love. Not knowing where it would lead me, or whether my heart would be broken along the way, I put my faith in love and I have never regretted my decision.

Back then I was just twenty-two, young and innocent with little life experience. The easiest option would have been to abandon Warren to his illness in favour of myself. I know many people thought I was crazy taking the road I did. But deep inside I knew I had to trust the hand that life had dealt me, even if the road was one of uncertainty.

When making my decision to stand by Warren, I never could have imagined how hard and long the journey would be. If I had known what I was getting myself into I probably would have broken down then and there! However, the uncertainty of not knowing what was before me forced me to develop some amazing qualities. I found an incredible strength deep inside that has supported Warren and myself to this day; I found the courage to never give up despite all the fear and suffering; and I developed a ferocious determination that has managed to conquer every obstacle in my path. But most importantly, in taking this road my love for Warren has continued to blossom in a way that makes everything we have been through worthwhile.

When I reflect back upon the journey I have taken I know I made the right decision. Trusting my heart has shown me that love has the ability to overcome even the most impossible mountains. Making the decision to stand by Warren was the proudest moment of my life.

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