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Tania Hayes is the proud author of the inspirational biography, Love Has No Limits.

The book is a true-life love story, following the journey of Tania and Warren as they overcome all obstacles and share their life together.

Tania is an engaging and insightful writer, and displays the uncanny ability to find the silver lining of any tragedy. Moving, funny, and at times devastatingly sad, Love Has No Limits explores what it means to be young and desperately in love with someone who may not be here tomorrow.

Love Has No Limits is published by Harlequin Enterprises (Australia) Pty Ltd, the largest romance-publishing house in the world. Tania and Warren are very proud to have their book associated with this outstanding publishing house.

Their book is available at all good book shops and department stores across Australia and New Zealand retailing at $32.95 or click here to buy a copy online.

Tania is represented by Selwa Anthony Author Management Agency

'This Moving story shows that with love, the impossible becomes possible'. - Ros Packer AO

Love Has No Limits was awarded a 'SASSY AWARD for Strength of Courage' in 2008


Edition 1

I am delighted to have been invited to write this foreword to Love Has No Limits. What Tania and Warren have achieved through the power of love, prayer and determination is one of the most amazing stories I have ever read. Perhaps there are a thousand similar stories of survival out there we have not been privileged to be part of. However, Tania and Warren have given us insight into their incredible journey through the late 1990s to where they are now with their son Josh.

My ordeal as a twenty-four hour a day carer was a remarkable, enlightening, uplifting experience. I only came in at the end of my late husband Sir Roden Cutler’s determination to survive. He showed the same fight against all odds that Warren has shown with Tania’s devotion and love. Both men’s journeys took them beyond every human expectation, and being able to face life with humour was a very special and necessary ingredient that helped them through.

Reading Love Has No Limits has confirmed to me a thousand times over why I awarded Tania the Lady Cutler Carer’s Award for 2007.

Lady Cutler

Principal Advisor and Board Member
Sir Roden Cutler Charities
November 2007


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By Karl Stefanovic
Edition 2

During my 15 years in journalism I have heard many stories of courage and determination, but none have touched me quite like the story of Tania and Warren Hayes. From the moment of Warren’s diagnosis to the birth of their child, Tania’s love and support has been unwavering, staying true to her promise to stick by him forever.

Carers are one of society’s unsung heroes, providing both physical and emotional support with often very little help. Tania is the official ambassador for Carers Australia and bringing attention to the vital role of carers is a cause that she is passionate about. Thanks to people like Tania, $30.5 billion worth of care is provided each year – the health system could not survive without them.

I proudly endorse this book – it is truly an inspiration.

Their story is a testament to the healing power of love, proving that faith and devotion can overcome all obstacles.


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