In 2008, Warren and Tania were privileged to share their inspiring story with primary and secondary school children across New South Wales and with many upcoming young leaders in our community in RYPEN, RYLA and Youth Leadership Programs.

The impact Tania & Warren had on these youth has touched their hearts and has inspired them to put their energy into developing the following program to begin in 2009.

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Supporting Young Carers in
Primary & Secondary Schools

With Warren and Tania Hayes

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Our Objective:

To create awareness of the important role 2.6 million carers play in society and how anyone of us at anytime can be struck down with illness or disability

Our Aim:

To share, educate and inspire, while acting as role models on love, life, values, disability and caring.

Tania and Warren’s inspiring story is a living testament to school children that despite the circumstances we endure, we all have the ability to turn tragedy into triumph, fulfil our dreams and be the very best we can.

Our Focus:

Primary School children from Years 4-6 and Secondary School children from Years 7-12 in the Sydney/South Coast Region.

170,000 school age children provide care for a family member or loved one, while at the same time juggling their education and the peer pressure of fitting into society.


At School

At School

If you would like to have Tania and Warren share their inspiring story at your school, please email them at for more details.


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Tania and Warren’s presentations are touching the hearts and lives of students and teachers around the country. Below are some of the positive comments they have received:-


‘Real Education is sometimes not found in textbooks or in Board of Studies syllabus documents. Last week our students experienced ‘real life’ education. They are all the more better people for hearing your story. Rest assured that you have made a huge difference in how we live our lives.’ Moriah College

‘Thank you for a tremendously moving and interesting presentation. The students all commented on how professional and polished the presentation was. The following days had students who do not normally show a lot of interest in what is on offer at school asking questions and generally being very engaged in discussions about you and Warren and your life’s commitment to each other. Congratulations and thank you so much.’ Cabramatta High School

‘Thank you for sharing your story with our school. The students gained a great deal from your presentations. Not only were you both professional and informative, but also a valuable resource for the Community and Family Studies Classes. Student feedback was extremely positive and many commented that your presentation was very motivational. I encourage you to continue your talks in schools as it allows students to become more aware of other people in our community.’ St Mary Star of the Sea College

‘Thank you for sharing your inspirational story with our students. It certainly has had a lasting impact on them all. I admire your courageousness and believe that all students should be able to have the opportunity to benefit from being invited into your lives for a short time. It certainly makes you consider how lucky you actually are, and more importantly, makes you want to get the absolute most out of your own life.’ Miller Technology High School

‘A most worthwhile, eye-opening and inspiring story! Thank you Tania and Warren for sharing your story with us. I thoroughly recommend that other schools take up the opportunity to broaden the knowledge, understanding and empathy of their students to the important and undervalued life of carers in Australia.’ Wollongong High School

‘Our Year 12 students are currently studying a unit on ‘parenting and caring’ and found your story, a wealth of knowledge for their course. Thank you so much for taking the time to come to our school, we have all gained a better insight into living with a disability and as a carer.’ Tempe High School

‘What a wonderful experience! The Year 4-6 children were totally engaged by Tania’s presentation. They were captivated by Warren and Tania’s trials and tribulations. Many students reported back to me that there were very inspired by what Tania had to say. Tania and Warren you are a true inspiration to our school and I thoroughly recommend your talk to any school wishing to have you visit.’
Mount Sinai College

‘You could hear a pin drop while Tania spoke and her messages, which included our inner strength and determination being able to take us anywhere, the importance of faith and the importance and impact of the role of carers, were all very powerful. Many students stayed behind to chat to Tania and Warren past their talk, despite it being their lunch break. I would strongly encourage other schools to take up the opportunity of hearing Tania speak.’ Masada High School

‘Thank you for so generously giving our school so much of your time to talk to our students about caring and your family’s story. Your story was told from the heart and this authentic form of story telling really moved our students. Many wanted to speak to Tania following her 90 minute presentation because they were so touched. Tania spoke to the students in a language they understood and the students responded whole-heartedly. To have someone like Tania come and speak so freely to the students is a wonderful opportunity and one that assists in the development of resilience which will remain with the students for a long time.’ Smiths Hill High School

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